About Desktop Destroyer

Those of you who have stumbled across this site probably already know what is this game about and how to play it. But I will make a short introduction to desktop destroyer anyway.

Desktop Destroyer is an amazing game that is very popular among PC users despite it being almost 15 years old. The advantage of this game is absolute simplicity as you need no installation, you just have to download it and start playing. The whole gameplay evolves around you using one of the 9 weapons available which you can use to completely destroy your desktop. Some people like to use termites first so they start chewing your desktop and then they use one of the rest weapons to smash the termites and destroy the desktop on the same time.

The game has little to no tactics or strategy involved, it simply offers the person to have fun by using one of the weapons to completely damage the PC desktop and is therefore a great way to reduce the stress. When we feel stressed or having problems with our life then the best thing to do is to run the game, play it for a while and set our minds of the problems. If you feel stressed you should try playing Desktop Destroyer and see if it helps you to reduce the stress.